{June 4, 2009}   Blather Brain…

I’m sick, like thinking of food makes me want to puke kind of sick.
Currently I’m sitting here surrounded by tissues, water, lemonade, and pain and flu meds. Im not a happy chooky. & Aunty Sooz, said she’d take the blame for my sickness, and blather brain at the moment. So Blame her.

I’m so sick I’m considering becoming a hermit, getting two kitties, and spending the rest of my days making videos like this…

-minus of course the naked junkie playing guitar at the end.

No for real. I have a serious case of blather brain. And I just woke up from a 15 hour nap?! So I’m all the worse for it, and for some odd reason I have the theme song from ‘Round the Twist’ in my head


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