{May 7, 2009}  

MY life stoke-age level is way down! Nothing has come into my life thats blown my life of late, literary wise, music wise, people wise.
I just need something to kickstart some creativity, and inspire me.

Come on people help a sister out?


{April 20, 2009}  

I feel like I’m forever playing catch-up on my life. I don’t seem to have time for much of anything anymore. Oh the joys of shift work.

Easter was pretty much non-existant. I worked on Good Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. I did get to spend Easter Sunday Arvo with the boy though, he’s still making his way through his wonderful bounty of chocolate. I didn’t feel like I went overboard on him for a change, but the amount of chocolate he ended up with, and presents, he still somehow manage to get spoilt rotten.

I decided after the easter break, that I was feeling pretty run down. So I decided to go feral for a few days. I packed my bags, which consisted mainly of track pants, books, and flet shirts, and caught the next bus out of town, heading bush. I spent the time reading, and sitting on my bum enjoying the good weather. I literally didn’t brush my hair for two days and had the whole Cory Kennedy unbrushed hair look going on.
It was semi-relaxing, and it was quite a bummer coming back to reality. I could have used a bit longer.

But alas all good things must come to an end. And I must say I was mighty happy to get home to a hairbrush.

{April 7, 2009}   Update

WordPress ate my post! I am not happy. Apparently it does not approve of my use of bullets.

et cetera