{June 17, 2009}   We really are bogans…

If you don’t know me well, you probably don’t know how prone I am to saying random things. Take yesterday afternoon as an example. I’m sitting there and randomnly blurt out.

“I’m only going to date grammatically correct people from now on!”
to which my friend(name kept secret to protect the innocently dumb)
“is that the same is politically erect?”

I love my friends. But it’s true, I’m sick of grammatically incorrect boys.


{May 3, 2009}  

Be, and I’ll just watch you,
‘Cause being is just too hard for me.
-Soul Desert by Julian Cope, 1992

{March 19, 2009}  

One time a pretty girl came up to me at a cocktail party, and she asked me,
“What are you doing these days?”
“I am committing suicide by cigarette,” I replied.
She thought that was reasonably funny. I didn’t. I thought it was hideous that I should scorn life that much, sucking away on cancer sticks. My brand is Pall Mall. The authentic suicides ask for Pall Malls. The dilettantes ask for Pell Mells.

-Kurt Vonnegut

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