I’ll send a postcard, from every stop, straight to you, just to piss you off…
New York, Paris, LA
living outrageous, next stop VEGAS

I know it’s corny but sometimes a girl needs corny.
Girl’s Summer Jam ’09?!


{July 21, 2009}  

Says more about us than I ever could.
This is goodbye, for once and all.
I’m moving on.

{July 5, 2009}   Babygirl is laid up…

Wow it’s been a minute, or closer to a month. Lots has been happening in my small world.

Number one is I’m a sick little chooky. After numerous hospital visits, and doctor visits. My doctor ushers me with those scary words, “you need to come and look at this!” I’m freaking out, as there is a heap of white patches all over the x-rays of my lungs. Thankfully though, turns out it’s pneumonia. So I’m simply bed ridden, and under house arrest for awhile, and believe me I’ve been making the best of it and sleeping non-stop. Obviously when I had the flu at the start of June, I didn’t give it the time it needed or required to get better, and hence I have a bad case of pneumonia. I haven’t eaten in nine days, and I’ve dropped +five kilos. So I’m all stoked on that.

Also stoked on all the new music, that this has given me time to give a spin. Some brand new, some not-so, It’s new for me because it’s the first time I’m really listening to it.
On my current playlist;

-Daniel Merriweather – Love & War (reminds me of him, oh mope, mope, cheer up emo kid),
-Eminem – Relapse
-Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown
-Eskimo Joe – Inshalla
-Hilltop Hoods – State of The Art
-White Lies – To Lose My Life
-The Dangerous Summer – Reach For The Sun
-Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
-Regina Spektor – Far
-Conor Oberst – Outer South

It’s a very random assortment, but it’s kind of like me, erratic and all over the place, at the moment.
My blather brain is kicking in. Later bloggers and blogette’s.

{May 7, 2009}  

MY life stoke-age level is way down! Nothing has come into my life thats blown my life of late, literary wise, music wise, people wise.
I just need something to kickstart some creativity, and inspire me.

Come on people help a sister out?

{February 27, 2009}   Be there

Mickey Avalon Tour

{February 15, 2009}   The Perfect way to start the day…

Rage can still make my Heart Race…

The Playlist I woke up to this morning…

NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS Do You Love Me? (Mushroom)
Tainted Love (Warner)
You Oughta Know (Warner)
Song For The Dumped (Sony)
Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole (Shock)
Such Great Heights (Independent)
Hand On Your Heart (Shock)
Lovesong (Fest/Mush)

et cetera