{February 12, 2009}   Welcome


Somehow every twelve months, I end up cleaning house.
Deleting everything and starting over.
In hopes of a new beginning, I suppose.
That nieve anticipation that this next stage will be better than the last. Kind of my version of a New Years Resolution, like when you tell yourself how much weight you’ll lose, or how you’ll stop wasting so much time sitting in front of the TV.
Either that or my way of spring cleaning.
My new home on the interwebs. Plus I’m kind of psyched because this way, I no longer have to add WordPress upgrades to my server, which makes my whole blogging experience a hell of a lot easier.

If you’ve traveled over here from my last blog, or from one of my many social networking sites, good to see you again. And if your brand-spanking new and stumbled on in here, welcome.

This is my corner of the interwebz, I plan to talk about whatever the fuck I want, whenever I want.
My exploits and debauchery.

My Mother will probably be reading this though, so tales of her exploits will probably be limited.
Although trust me when I say her stories are much more debaucherous than mine.  I mean they don’t call her Boozy Suzy for nothing.


Ryan says:

I love you kiddo.

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